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Our company - Our values

NatureTex, established in 1994 is an organic certified textile company, and one of the five main subsidiaries of the SEKEM Group of Companies. SEKEM was established in 1977 and in 2003 awarded with the Alternative Nobel Prize. Naturetex’ purpose is to produce and market highest quality organic textiles in both local and global markets aiming to satisfy our customer’s needs with the best level of service while maintaining integrity with our social and natural environment. We are committed to the SEKEM Vision Goals that aim towards holistic and sus- tainable development of our community, Egypt and the world.

Our production

In Our Opinion Sustainability And Quality Have To Go Hand In Hand.


In our factory at SEKEM farm, NatureTex produces 100% organic ready-made garments for babies, children and adults, as well as soh toys and home textiles.
We have a printing room for screen prints and can design and produce embroideries and applications.NatureTex’ products are certified according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)and other social or environmental standards according to customer demand. Not only our cotton comes from Egypt/Egyptian farmers - we also try to work as much as possible with Egyptian suppliers for our accessories and packing materials. Besides stimulating the Egyptian market to produce more natural or organic materials, we generally strive towards making the footprint of our products as small as possible.

Our Partners

We work closely with the new certification standard Economy of Love (EoL). It stands for an economy that is harmonious with nature, regenerative of the environment, fair, and reflective of human dignity and respect. Together with EoL, we work towards transparency of our products along the entire value chain. For this, EoL has developed the ImpacTrace tool that gives customers an opportunity to see the different steps and people involved in the production process by scanning a QR code on the packaging or label. https://www.economyoflove.net/

Egyptian Biodynamic Association and SEKEM Development Foundation
EBDA - Egyptian Biodynamic Association

For our biodynamic cotton, we work together with the EBDA which in turn works with around 350 farmers in Egypt. Besides helping farmers to use biodynamic farming practices, the EBDA aims to raise more awareness of sustainability and the positive impact biodynamic farming can have on the health of people and the environment. http://www.ebdaegypt.com/

SEKEM Development Foundation

NatureTex is part of the SEKEM Holding - this means that 10% of profits go to the SEKEM Development Foundation that promotes arts and culture, education and health services. This means that employees and people in the villages surrounding Sekem have access to the Sekem Medical Center, the SEKEM school and Heliopolis University. Depending on their income, employees can be supported by the SEKEM Development Foundation in their access to these services. http://devel.sekem.com/sdf.html

Our Projects

Greening the Desert/CO2 certificates

As a NatureTex customer, you can support our Greening the Desert project in Wahat El-Bahariya by buying the SEKEM CO2 certificates that come from SEKEM’s afforestation projects and biodynamic agriculture activities in Egypt. If you want to go a step further by making your company carbon-neutral, you can buy trees that are being planted at our farm in Wahat and keep supporting their growth by contributing a smaller percentage every year. While this project has already helped Sekem to reclaim 63 hectares of desert land through sustainable agriculture, it is still growing, as the goal is to reclaim 1000 hectares of desert land for agricultural purposes. https://pivot.sekem.com/de/


Women empowerment

NatureTex is committed to empowering women by offering our employees different activities to raise awareness about the meaning and importance of gender equality. We also try to support the financial independence of women who cannot leave the house for the whole day by giving them the opportunity to work from home.

Core program

For NatureTex, not only sustainable development is important, but also the social and cultural development of our employees. We therefore encourage our employees to participate in the cultural and social courses/programs we provide and regularly offer cultural experiences through small concerts and theatre performances.

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