Our Products

Soft toys

NatureTex created nearly 500 different dolls and soh toys for babies and children. Besides the many options we can already offer, we are always open to accommodating new requests as well.

Newborn items

Newborn items are one of the first products that NatureTex started to produce. The sohness of organic cotton that is produced without any potentially harmful chemicals is perfect for the skin of babies. We produce basic items like bodies, beanies or sleeping bags, but we also develop new styles and patterns together with our customers every season.

Yoga wear and Basics

For different brands, we produce yoga and leisurewear. This ranges from stretchy and flexible leggings and t-shirts to warm and soh thicker hoodies and joggers that provide comfort and warmth.

Home textiles

Luxurious Egyptian bed sheets from the highest quality organic/ biodynamic cotton. We produce 100/2 sateen woven bed sheets from our Giza 86 for high-end brands such as Ogland and Linstädt. We also produce high-quality soft towels from thick woven terry and strong, high-absorption kitchen towels.

Woven and knitted fabrics

Next to our ready-made garments, it is also possible to purchase organic fabrics and yarns in different weights, yarn counts and knitting structures from NatureTex. Our minimum orders for fabrics are

  • For woven fabrics: 1000 meters per colour and yarn count
  • For knitted fabrics: 250 kilos per yarn count and colour

Delivery times are up to 4 months, depending on the quantity and availability of the yarn.

Cotton/bulk yarn

Spinning yarn in different yarn counts, raw or in different colours Minimum 1 ton per yarn count. Delivery time: 1 month.

Next to spinning yarn we also produce knitting yarn in the different options 8/1, 8/4 and 8/6 Minimum quantity: 220 kg per colour Delivery time after placement of order: 3 months

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